The Training

Brigaid provides each partner district with ambitious, hardworking chefs who have been selected and trained specifically to work in schools. Brigaid supports chefs with the resources and tools needed to effectively train each school food team in a district. Our chefs focus on teaching the fundamentals to pave the way for the use of whole foods. Before considering the benefits of scratch cooking we believe schools need strong foundations built on clean, well equipped kitchens with highly trained staff capable of handling raw ingredients and maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

The training program covers 6 full-service kitchens per school year, costing $18,000 per school. Our chefs will train with each school staff for over 200 hours without disrupting the flow of each day’s work. This on-the-job training allows your staff to see firsthand how they can integrate these new skills and standards into their typical work day.


Kitchen Assessments and Equipment Outfitting

The training process begins with Brigaid performing a preliminary, in-depth analysis of each school kitchen slated to participate. This assessment identifies necessary equipment purchases to be made, any maintenance to be performed, and any other needs in the operations--all of which ensure a smooth transition to scratch cooking.

Reorganization and Deep Cleaning

Once each kitchen has been fully outfitted, the chef will then declutter and reorganize the kitchen and storage spaces, to set up a clean, efficient workspace--the first step in keeping food safe for students.

Safety and Sanitation Training

The chef will introduce Brigaid’s rigorous safety and sanitation standards. The staff will learn about Brigaid’s Food Allergy Prevention protocol as well as effective use of HACCP logs. The staff will also learn cooking temperature standards that exceed the FDA Food Code and a deep cleaning schedule will be implemented to ensure standards are upheld after the chef has left.

Cooking Skills and Recipe Preparation

The staff will be taught fundamental cooking techniques, including knife skills, weights and measures as well as proper preparation and cooking methods for a variety of vegetables, grains, and entrees. Collectively, these skills lay the foundation for scratch cooking and create a structure for sustained success in the kitchen.