Bring Brigaid To Your School

We are looking to work with district administrators, community leaders, and staff who are ready to embrace the change Brigaid will bring to their food service program and be able to support that development into the future.

Ideally, your district would have a food service director already in place as well as appropriately sized, self-operating kitchens in each school.

By participating in Brigaid’s training program, your district is committing to set up each participating school with the equipment and staffing needed to successfully complete the training process and that each school will maintain the program after the training has ended. You are also committing to complete Brigaid’s training process in as many schools as possible in your district. Note that Brigaid will provide enough trainers to complete your district’s training in an agreed upon timeframe.

If your district fits this description, or if you would like more information, fill out the below form and a member of our team will reach out soon!

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